Welcome to Blue Mountains Spa & Beauty

Uniquely catering our time and services to your needs

Founded by Spa and Beauty Therapist Alycia Beecroft , Blue Mountains Spa & Beauty offers a safe, caring and supportive environment where all your skin care and grooming needs are met. Every product and service offered at Blue Mountains Spa & Beauty has been carefully researched to ensure we supply you with the safest, cleanest and most results-driven solution without compromising the health of your skin, nails or hair. We offer sustainable solutions with up to date training and methods that are good for you and don’t harm our planet.

What Our Clients Say

We cater our time and services to your needs.

Every treatment and product available at Blue Mountains Spa & Beauty has undergone thorough research and has been tried and tested by our own staff. We walk our talk, and ensure that our solutions are the safest, cleanest and deliver the highest results.

We use Australian certified vegan and organic products in almost all of our treatments.

We use Australian certified organic face and body products and tailor our treatments to YOUR specific skin care requirements. Each treatment and home care advice is offered to those keen to have prolonged results.